IQ Riddles

IQ Riddles are riddles that test your IQ. They are usually in the form of a logic riddle.

20 Coins

There is a table on which 20 coins are placed. You also know that there are 10 coins with heads up, and 10 coins with tails up. You are blind folded and there is no way to determine which side is up by rubbing, etc.

Your task is to create two groups of coins, each having the same number of heads and tails. You may only move or flip coins. How can you accomplish this while being blindfolded?

Riddle Answer

Anna’s Picture

Once upon a time there was a beautiful princess named Anna. Anna’s father, the King, wanted to be sure his daughter married an intelligent man.

To test his daughter’s suitors the King hid Anna’s picture in one of three boxes. The suitor had to be able to select the box with Anna’s picture on one try and within twenty seconds.

The following messages were written on the boxes.

Gold box: Anna’s picture is in this box.
Silver box: Anna’s picture is not in this box.
Bronze box: Anna’s picture is not in the gold box.

The King would tell each suitor, “Only one of the three messages is correct.” Which box contained Anna’s picture?

Riddle Answer