Logic Riddles

Logic riddles with answers involve looking at situations and making judgements about them by ruling out impossibilities. If you like solving maths puzzles, you will most probably like logic riddles as well.

Magic Grass

At a garden shop they’re selling Magic Grass, a patch of sod that doubles in size every day. A man goes to buy some and figures that his garden is big enough that if he buys one patch, it will cover his garden in 14 days, because each day it doubles in size. So he decides to speed up the process, and buys two patches of sods.

How many days will it now take for the Magic Grass to cover his garden?

Riddle Answer

Weight of Elephant

A king is on a cross-sea voyage and as soon as he gets off of the ship he spots an elephant. He decides to take it home, but first, he wants to know its weight.

The largest scale they brought only weighs up to 50 pounds. He asks his smartest scholar to come up with a solution. How does the scholar find the weight of the elephant?

Riddle Answer